Sunday, March 8, 2009

Free Online Advertising and Free Classified Ads Portal Success Creates a Massive Demand in Six More Countries

Free Online Advertising and Free Classified Ads Portal Success Creates a Massive Demand in Six More Countries

After a successful launch of the Free Online Advertising and Free Classified flag ship website in the USA, Whynotad has launched it’s Web 2.0 portal in six more countries over the past 5 week.

Due to the massive demand the company has had to expand to new, larger and faster servers and now they have launched new portals in six countries.

The original site is named whynotad, however the new sites have been branded for each country and offer free online advertising and free classified sites for the community in the USA, United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, India, and Australia and soon the site will be available in China.

Users can register with the site and place their own ads for free. Users can upload practically anything they want such as ads, advertising, classifieds, news, brands, sell stuff, buy stuff, personals, press releases, events, functions, and photos. According to the developers of Whynotad, they have created the site in such a way that ads placed on the site are programmed to be direct hits with major search engines.

Due to the Web 2.0 Wiki format of the site, users can control the ad title and the ad category, users simply enter in the title and category they wish, add some body text - this is where users would place the text related to the ad, users can also place a link to there site contact information and even a twitter name, after this the free ad is live in 5 second.

Users to the portals can rank each ad on a scale of 1-10, they can share the ad with friends, bookmark the ad or flag it as inappropriate. Once the ad is complete users can edit all of the ad setting, add some more photos, etc.

Unlike traditional ad and classifieds sites, users do not have to search from within the site. The portals use Web 2.0 features and hence it has many advantages to users. All ads can be searched from popular search engines, such as google, msn, and in this way, giving the Free Ads and Classifieds more exposure to a wider audience.

The site is very quick, simple to use and the design is modern. The latest ad pictures are shown on the home page and users can see the new ad titles and each new category that users may create.

The portal have partnered with a Luxembourg e-commerce site, Wikio to facilitate access and distribution of the content, including its free ads, classifieds, news releases and more. Users can also add Skype name to the portals, which makes selling or buying products online much easier for the buyer and or seller. The site has eliminated the long registration forms, and so has made a simple but very effective end-user solution.

The Internet in 2009 is about giving the community more choice and more information. The Free Ad Wiki style website allows for more choice and more freedom of information. Anyone can publish free ads, and more – and all of it for free and because of its smart Web 2.0 programming, the users control the ads settings. When people search for information, its relevance is much higher in the search engines’ results.

The new sites are Free Ads Uk Free Ads Australia Free Ads Canada darmowe ogloszenia Free Ads India

For further information on Free Online Advertising contact, Whynotad or visit the new portals

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